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I care about you...yes,YOU. I like to be invested with my following and I make every effort to establish a friendship with you. I can already tell that we're going to be best business buddies and I bet you're feelin' it too! I wake up every day excited about the challenges ahead because I really do love what I do-I know its my calling. I put 100% of that passion into everything I You may be currently struggling to make the most out of your days and create a functioning morning routine, but don't worry. You haven't failed. If it can happen for me it can happen for you and I firmly believe that each day is a fresh start and a chance to renew your body, spirit, and mind.Β 



Someone who has their own individual style and is not swayed by the rest of the world. They have their own God given gifts and use them to the best of their ability; whether it be their fashion sense, their humanity, their sense of humor, creativity or just the way they treat their fellow man. Something that makes them stand out from the others in a very special way makes them unique in my eyes.

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I'm Ristan E.

This is my online home where I get to share my love for all things creative. This space is one where we can share a love for running a blogging business. The ins and outs of it, the amazing balancing act thats we all perform when it comes to working from home yet still managing to have a life and family. That my friend is our common ground. See, we each also have something unique and special that the world needs from us. Your gifts will be different from mine. I totally GET that.

But I'm just a fellow creative who is passionate about teaching you how to follow in my footsteps to grow a blog and make money doing something you enjoy.

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Get to shop my latest eunique style looks. Make them your own while creating your best looks. Let me help you expand your wardrobe.

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